Hey!!! Thanks for Visiting our page!! We are an Independent family music project from the seattle area.
We been working hard in the studio to bring fresh new music, so I hope you enjoy them.
Any song that is enabled for free download on this page is for personal use or no profit usage. Any other use please contact us for specific licenses.

Bottom line is we love making music. We love when you get to hear our creations. We are always looking for ways to improve our songs so please comment your feedback or ideas.

We would like to make all our music for free mp3 downloads but we need resources to fund our future projects.

If you like what we do and you want to show your support. Please buy one of our albums.

Kronstudios is a music project that started with two brothers Kron Ron ,Brothaman and their sister Gela back in 1997. The group started with the love of creating new and innovative beats with unique sounds with fun and catchy lyrics. Kronstudios is a fan of all music so they couldn’t limit their genre to just Hip-Hop. Kron Ron and Gela produced and recorded the song wishes back in 1998 which grabbed the attention of local fans and national radio station around the country. The song was a nice easy going ballad with lyrics and melody that would hit the hearts of anyone who listened.. This proved that their style was truly universal.


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