I been quietly working on this album for some time now. I tried to capture my journey thru life, musically with this record. We all have more in common than you think, and my goal was to make this release speak to everyone that listened to it.

This record is on sale at major online retailers, but since you came to visit me: I’m giving it to you for free. Just visit the bandcamp link below.

All I ask is that you leave an honest review of the album. Just click the cdbaby review picture at the bottom of this page to post your review.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 12.46.48 PM.png



2 thoughts on “Cerebral

  1. The title “Cerebral” suggests something for the mind, and the new full length from Kronstudios does not disappoint. Solo composer R. Flemming finds new discovery with electronic jam-scapes designed to enhance your perception through sound. Trained in classical and rooted in hip-hop; all the familiar elements of a Kronstudios joint can be found; yet “Cerebral” offers a deeper more intellectual experience. Big beats, complex arrangements, and galactic symphonics take complete control, leaving no room for the mainstream desires of chatty lyrics and cliché hooks. Often moody but never un-groovy “Cerebral” provides the perfect indulgence for music lovers and soul searchers of the electronically spiritual minded.
    —Thomas Hurley III

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