Does God Exist?

Its hard to imagine that there is someone called god that is responsible for everything around us.

Do I believe in God ? The answer is yes !!

When I was 12 I made a test to see if god really existed to me. It seems shallow but I prayed all night for something I really wanted.

The next day an unexpected man gave me enough money to cover the cost of the item I prayed for. I didn’t ask this man nor did I know him but I essentially got what I prayed for.

To Be honest I receive everything I pray for. New job, New Car, Health, ect…

I try not to use too many prayer cause I dont want to bother God with my problems.

But if you think about all people that are successful give thanks to god.

Why is that? Its because god will give you almost everything you ask for. It just wont be an obvious bucket of gold.

Please post things you received from god.


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