Vocal Health Tips from Kara Hesse


By Kara Hesse

1147932_10152078349846747_1603548589_n-1I haven’t had a normal job in 5 years and I’ve been singing professionally for about 10.  My voice has become my livelihood and I must be honest -I haven’t always been so kind to it.  I’d be preaching to a choir if I told you I’ve always followed all the best vocal health practices to a T.  Growing up singing in venues before cigarettes were banned, failing to find time to warm up before an impromptu gig, greasy fast food runs after a show and little things like that are habits that I’ve had to develop a discipline to avoid. As with all things in life, you have to find a balance. Realistically, you can’t always avoid the pitfalls, but you can make yourself aware of factors that do affect your voice, implement better choices into your lifestyle and in turn, build a balanced vocal health…

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