Music From The Invisible Sky

This is a female fronted compilation that was originally released in 2004 . Alot in social media has changed since there and great music is timeless, so we decided to rerelease this record. We invite you to listen to this album . I hope you love it as much as we do. Featuring songs from Amy Vee, Shelley Dael Walker, Ripley Caine , Ron Flemming, Adam lipman, Angel, Morgan Ave.


2 thoughts on “Music From The Invisible Sky

  1. Joel Dunham “Music from the Invisible Sky” is an odd little compilation

    “Music from the Invisible Sky” is an odd little compilation that was based on this idea: what happens if we take a bunch of pop/R&B artists and then force them to take on a more folksy and acoustic persona temporarily? In other words, what happens when Britney or Celine go unplugged? You have to give these largely hip/hop producers credit for trying out the idea. The result is 17 tracks of very radio-ready soft-rock/acoustic rock stuff, excellently produced, with decent melodies, but ultimately which will not impress the more adventurous ear. Of course none of the artists have anything like the mass-media empires built around them like Ms. Spears or Ms. Dion. I can only assume, however, that this assortment of extremely attractive women (a couple men) could be a veritable hotbed of talent that is picked from by the corporate gods to become divas and songstresses of mainstream FM everywhere, if such isn’t the case already. Still, this release is much more palatable than the usual garbage we’ve all come to expect from the likes of most “soft” rock (I mean, scientifically, the term is an impossibility! Shouldn’t we be dubious?!)

    All kidding aside, though, this compilation is dominated by three women artists: Amy Vee, Ripley Caine, and Shelley Dael Walker, who each sport 3 or 4 tracks each. Everybody else only gets one. Vee plays the opener, which she quickly uses to sport her bluesy voice, which makes the typical overly ornate R&B acrobatics. Still, the melodies are decent, and it is acoustic, true to the album’s image. I like Ripley Caine much better: her songs aren’t pure “lite”, are harder hitting, are often percussion driven, and the cool, often disinterested tones of her voice don’t partake in any of that annoying pop overkill. “Over the Moon” actually features a distorted bite to some of the guitars, and a sense of Spanish drama. Ms. Walker treads a line somewhere in between the other two; I’d make a comparison with Amy Mann. She’s not at all dark like Caine, but she doesn’t do the syrup of Vee. She’s pleasant; her music would be good background music for a party. She could spark the interest of the execs too, especially since it seems that she has the best developed ability of everyone on this record to craft intricate songs.

    Of the remainder of the record, I can say that most everyone is perfectly capable of putting together a good song, and everyone has a great voice. Javelyn’s single offering “Not Alone” is probably the catchiest marriage of R&B and acoustic sensibilities here. The men on this record do manage to send up the worst tracks on the record, though. Adam Lippman’s closer “Reaching” has a pretty awful melody, and the song is even poorly produced. Likewise, “Reach,” done by the producer himself, is simply a family affair that only made it on the disc because it’s where the money came from. “

  2. – Cash House Times – Original, talented, upbeat, positive compilation!

    This Cd offers up more than most compilations from artists that are well known. It seems to be well thought out. The lyrics on tracks are well placed and set the mood from the opening track to the last track. There’s much talent and resourcefulness displayed and the original guitars and drums riffs seem to enlighten the mood even before the lyrics begin to flow. A good mixdown was done but could use some tightening up. Overall a great buy and I would offer it up to listeners that would love artists such as John Mayer, Melissa Etheridge and artists that have made their way in music by keeping truth in their lyrics. I look forward to reviewing more music from the artists on the project. Hats off to Kron Studios for a masterful album!!!!

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