Teen Spirit

Around 1991 me and my friend Josh were visiting a girl (Adria) which was attending Evergreen state college in Olympia Washington. This around the time NWA was huge and every one was wearing the starter hoodie jackets with their favorite basketball team on the logo.

We were having a small party at Adrias house that night. It was just a handful of girls and me and my friend Josh. All the girls hung out in the kitchen talking it out while me and my friend Josh found some broken Instruments in the basement and continued to beat on them.

I went up stairs too get a drink when I heard someone at the door. I was feeling nice by this time so even if it was the cops I wouldn’t of cared. It was already dark by this time so when I open the door. Their stood a skinny man in his twenties looking all dingy with pink hair. He looked like a vagrant.

He asked me if there was a party here tonight. I told him we were having a small get together but you are welcome to join us. He told me his name but I forgot it right after he told me. I thought it was weird that he was walking around at night by his self so I asked what he was doing walking the streets. He told me he just finished band practice. This guy looked like he couldn’t afford a dinner let alone a guitar so I asked what band he was in. By this time I was just making small talk cause I didn’t really believe him. He told me his band was called Nirvana . I stopped for a moment cause that name sound familiar. I said “Thats a cool name , the girls are making screw drivers in the kitchen your welcome to join them”.

He already started a deep conversation with Adria and was getting settled in. I still had my doubts about this guy so I went to the basement and found this 3 string broken guitar and brought it up to him. I asked him if he could tune it for me. (I was secretly testing him)He said “ I can try” . I didn’t know how to play guitar and I wouldn’t of know if it was in tune. He ended up partying with us all night.

About 4 months later Im sitting at my friend Daves house in Bellevue Wa. He turns on MTV and that guy from the party was in this new video called “Teen Spirit” . Everything about this music was so new to me but I was pretty excited to find out I partied with this man.

The guy from the party ended up being Kurt Cobain. For a lot of the teenagers around this period of time his music changed peoples way of life and opened their minds to a new consciousness.

The lesson I learned from this night was never judge a book by its cover. You never know who you will meet.

Keywords: nirvana, kurt cobain, seattle, grunge,


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