Vocal Audio Mixing Recording And Pro Techniques

Mixing is and art in itself . And every mix is different. There is a lot of different instruments to concentrate on but in this post i’m going to focus on vocals.

What I look for in a mix is clean vocals with subtle effects that bring out that professional record sound. Most of the time Im looking for unison in vocal levels. When tracking vocals I usually do a pre compression with Tubetech CLB . The settings varies from singer to delivery. I try not to use to much initial compression to preserve certain dynamics in the vocals. I also use a mic pre. (find one you like) I personally do not like to use pre eq when tracking this out. I like to leave this for later.

To get the best sound its starts with your analog to digital conversion. You can get decent sound with the rack units for $1000 and under but the real sound comes from pristine HD converters. This will bring depth to your sound and give you that larger than life mix you been looking for. You might have to do some research to find whats best for you.

First thing I do is clean up the wave files. I trim all unnecessary noises in the wave files. At the beginning and end of each punch I will do a small pre and post fade. Very subtle so the vocals sound seamless. I will then go throughout the mix to bring down anything that stands out to much. I also arrange all the lead takes of the verse to one track. Each verse gets separate track. I organize name and color code each different parts.

When all vocals are finished what I use in post vocal chain always varies, but there are certain items I always use. When recording hiphop sometimes I use a gate compressor like Rvox first in the chain. Rvox isnt good for everything. I use it when you needed. For singers I use a combination of delay and reverb . The amount of both is minimal I like to hear a quite trail of echo and delay in the vocals. I also hate to much reverb. It sounds to jazz hands to me. Nothing that alters the original take but basically enhances it. For Hiphop rap , I like to leave the vocals as dry as possible. Not much reverb if any.

Before your last compressor I would use an EQ or exciter to help cut un wanted frequencies. This will bring sparkle to your vocals . If your hearing a lot of sibilance you can use a desser to help with that. The last pluggin in your chain is compressor limiter. Use the compressor to bring the vocals to the front or back of your mix. Use the limiter to stop the sound from going over certain decibels.

Start with this technique and I will discuss more in later posts. To hear samples search for Kronstudios on Itunes or Amazon. Thanks for reading , Post some feedback!!

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