Kronstudios New School

This is Kronstudios 3rd self release and the album is the expression of the evolution of their music career. This album will be released Nov 21, on Itunes and its a solid record start to finish.

The Hiphop group is based near Seattle Washington and this is where their studio is located. Mike and Ron Flemmming ( producers of the album) took a few months away from the public scene to record this album. They locked their selves in a 200 square ft room armed with power Mac , protools and various other recording equipment to record what you hear on the album.

On one of the songs they teamed up with Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse Drummer) to give a whole different texture to one of the songs, making it raw and innovative.

Kronstudios album New School proves that independent music is not dead, and the ones that do exist dont sound like shit. This record will take you on a ride and be your best friend on your loneliest days.

Do your self a favor and look for Kronstudios on itunes!! The album is called new school.

Click Here to preview the Album.

Im curious to know what you think about the album. Post some feedback. You can download this music to Android or iPhone.


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