Kronstudios is a small recording studio in Washington State. The actual studio sits hidden on 12 acres of land, and is housed by 2 conex shipping containers. These containers are in the process of being retrofitted to accommodate  the expanding list of equipment.

Don't let the small studio size fool you. Kronstudios collaborates with musicians and Producers all over the world. They also produce music for CBS TV series. Most recent Hip Hop remixes with Lox Chatterbox , and Mr Carmack have garnered over 1 million streams.

Kronstudios goal is to try and make their production free and available for creators to use as they wish.

Take a second and visit the links for free music downloads.

Kronstudios is a music project that started out in 1995 by Michael (Brothaman) & Ronald Flemming (Kron). They would loop Tupac beats, with a duel tape deck machine, and freestyle over them.


Kronstudios has came a long way since then. Classically trained on the violin, Ron has a unique understanding of music composition, and their music is heavily influenced by a wide variety of musical flavors. Kronstudios has released records in the Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Folk, and Electronic genres. ( official website)


Kronstudios values collaboration and working with best upcoming talent all around the world. They have charted Hiphop tracks with Ilface (song -Pause) and Lox Chatterbox(Charge Remix feat Mr Carmack). Kronstudios also helped write and produce a record for Kara Hesse which got picked up by CBS series Scorpion. (


Kronstudios has grown into a lifestyle and philosophy. They have identified reaccuring key elements that are accompanied by success. They attempt to share this in perpetual interview documentary titled “ The Meaning Of Life” ( . This is a documentary that looks into the perspective of everyday people.