Kronstudios Cerebral Instrumental Album


Kronstudios Cerebral

Cerebral is a project that was created accidentally. This release is an attempt to stray away from conformity…… So many artists, so many producers tell you your music has to be like this, you have to sound like this, and you structure needs to be like this. When in fact, it could be whatever you want!

Cerebral is a concept of music that allowed me to have freedom and choice to do whatever I wanted to do. I wasn’t afraid of being accepted. I would just release it and let everybody interpreted for their self.

As I started building tracks for this album, I started to realize that I could communicate with the audience nonverbally with my melodies. I could bring them into my environment just by playing my song. Every track on this album is A journey I’ve been through. And all of us are human,  so we all share the same feelings

Making this album is kind a like putting a puzzle together you’re not sure where it’s going to start you’re not she was going to end and not sure how it’s gonna turn out. But things magically work out at the end.

The more I kept listening it  was clear that this album was manifesting into something that I didn’t originally planned. Actually you might call it happy accident.

Every time I play the track back I would lose myself in  my thoughts I wouldn’t think about the music anymore I think about experiences that I’ve lived, places I wanna visit, and goals I wanna achieve. Instead of flooding the music with my thoughts, I wanted to flood the music with your own thoughts.

I want each song to bring you to a place you’ve been before a great memory that you can recall something that provokes thinking. I also wanted people to look inside their self and try to understand who they are and with their purposes is.

I also wanted this album to create inspiration to young and to the old. When I say inspiration I mean motivation to create new things new ideas and I want people realize  that anything is possible if they put their mind to it.

if you did buy this record feel free to share with everyone. listen to the album free via youtube here Http://